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Colocation Specs: Bandwidth, server factor, Ip subnets

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment


A 10Mbps connection relates to approximately 3.3 Terabytes of bandwidth monthly.

Burstable connections,  normally measured on the 95th percentile.

To determine estimated monthly bandwidth for your site, first determine the page size for each page of your website, then estimate how many daily pageviews you project for each. Simply multiply to estimate monthly bandwidth forecasted, allowing for some overhead.

Rack Space

1U = 1.75″ of Vertical Rack Space

2U = 3.5″ of Vertical Rack Space

3U = 5.25″ of Vertical Rack Space

4U = 7.00″ of Vertical Rack Space.

IP Subnets

/30…..4 IP’s – 2 useable

/29…..8 IP’s – 6 useable

/28…..16 IP’s

/27…..32 IP’s

/26…..64 IP’s

/25…..128 IP’s

/24…..256 IP’s

/23…..512 IP’s

/22…..1024 IP’s

/21…..2048 IP’s

/20…..4096 IP’s

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